The whole IMPEATOR COLLECTION has an exclusive viscose fabric in 3 different colors with ZE-OLITE®, a triple action technology that uses the micro-porosity of volcanic minerals to attract, trap and degrade all odors of bacterial and environmental origin.

The application technique of ZEOLITE® is innovative and unique because it is regenerated itself with a simple exposure to sunlight. The ability to eliminate odors up to 97% is certified with the ISO 17299-3 N ° 47316 test. The minerals used are hypoallergenic and therefore safe in contact with the skin.

The treatment with ZEOLITE® is natural and does not contain biocides, is resistant to washing and does not alter the softness and breathability of the fabric. The surface is composed of soft fibers deriving from the wood pulp, able to absorb and eliminate the excess of humanity and sweat released by the body. With this natural and innovative fabric, your finished product (mattress, mattress cover or pillow) will always be fresh and hygienic.




  • Structure: Single center MULTI zone of differentiated capacity
  • Springs: 3.000 independent elements with Super Micro Pocket technology
  • Foam: BREEZE® Water Foam high density
  • Felt: Polyester 100%
  • Padding: Patented fiber, Fiber Wave coupled with linen and silk
  • Coating fabric: Jacquard of Viscose 100% with ZEOLITE®
  • Top, side band and handles: Sartorial workmanship

Exclusive fabric design and quilting MECFLEX Jacquard of Viscose with ZEOLITE®


To sleep in a healthy way it is important that the mattress can support the weight of the body in a balanced way. Our mattresses respect the natural curves of our body and spine, both sleeping on our side and sleeping supine. Our mattresses do not neglect this aspect. The differentiated support at 7 ZONE allows a more uniform support of the back and the column because in the areas of the mattress where there is a greater stress, due to the non-uniform distribution of body weight, there is a higher lift. The most suitable mattress for the back is the ergonomic one. Legs, back and arms are supported in a balanced way and do not undergo abnormal pressures that could affect blood circulation. Initially the differentiated lift is imperceptible. It is more probable that the benefit of capacity at differentiated zones will be acquired over time, especially in the yield of the mattress which will tend to withstand the center more than other mattresses, delaying the non-deformability.

1_FEET ZONE: Increased blood circulation thanks to a more flexible support.

2_CALVES ZONE: Smoother bloodstream and less tingling in the limbs thanks to the softness of the surface layers of the mattress.

3_THIGH ZONE: Correct posture of the spi-ne thanks to adequate elastic support in this area of the mattress.

4_PELVIS ZONE: Balanced support and cor-rect posture of the spine thanks to the progres-sive spring system (or foam).

5_RENAL ZONE: more comfortable support of this delicate area of the body thanks to an elastic and carrying support.

6_SHOULDER ZONE: Proper back-head alignment and greater relaxation thanks to the greater sensitivity of the support structure.

7_HEAD ZONE: Proper alignment of the cer-vical spine due to this particularly elastic area of the mattress.



Product packaging is one of the main causes of waste production. This is why Mecflex has chosen to use biodegradable and recyclable materials for its packaging. The whole IMPERATOR COLLECTION has a new packaging that has been designed to be more functional, easily disposable and resistant. Design can help the planet and Mecflex wants to do its part in this too.

Expo box


Mecflex reveals its secrets and shows in the special EXPO BOX all the materials of the IMPERATOR COLLECTION. Mecflex supports culture to sleep by equipping authorized sales points with a special crystal display with a metal base.