From 1961 to date we have never stopped believing in what we do and wor-king to make your sleep more and more comfortable and pleasant. Years have gone by, but we have not changed. We have grown, for sure, and over time we have brought together the tradition of simplicity with the technology of sleep. The result is that a handi-craft company has become an industrial company. We have invested in research to offer cutting-edge solutions, sure that a good sleep depends on daily well-being. And we continue to do so today. The qua-lity of Mecflex products is the result of the manual expertise and precision of our craftsmen who work on each mattress with passion and without the use of harmful substances to ensure supreme and long-lasting comfort. All elastic components are produced internally and the internal stitching ensures maximum stability to the mattress. The panel anchorage system is based on a manual application of velcro reinforcement in order to avoid abrasions. The quilt is made by our mattress makers with resistant laces that run through the elastic parts and are anchored to seals in velcro. The assembly of the me-tal structure is carried out mechanically without the use of toxic materials. Each mattress designed by Mecflex carries within it our company philosophy standing out for the expertise of the workers mixed with the most advanced technologies to achieve real sleeping “tools”.

Always we make mattresses with innovative materials and advanced technologies to give our customers a healthy and beneficial sleep.



The BREEZE system is a polyurethane foam with high-density of breathability. The open cell structure allows air to pass through and a quick evaporation of humidity. Moreover, thanks to the high level of resistance, it guarantees longer life and non-deformability of the structure.



A fundamental characteristic of the product is its structure which sees the fiber arranged sinusoidally as to form a set of waves. In this way there is an elastic product which offers a considerable boost to compression. The substan-tially vertical fibers respond to mechanical stresses, cushioning the effects of weight force. The weight is sustained and the product acquires a resilience that with a traditional fiber arrangement is impossible to obtain. Another impor-tant feature is that these waves depart from a layer of horizontally arranged fibers. This allows you to have 2 distinct surfaces with different characteristics in terms of hand and resilience. The fibers are anchored so that the wave layer always remains homogeneous and does not open creating the bellows effect. This type of padding is produced with an exclusive technology and therefore protected by patent.



The IMPERATOR COLLECTION uses a spring system called INDEPEN-DENT spring system.The peculiarity is that the springs are closed in a pouch, which allows them to act independently from each other gently holding up the body and adapting to its every move. When we relax on a mattress with inde-pendent springs, only the springs that receive pressure tend to go down wi-thout stressing the others. The spring system consists of springs with different lift capacity to comply with various loads. The set of springs, distributed over SEVEN ZONES, responds with a shove proportionate to theweight allowing the mattress to follow the natural contours of the body. Legs, back and arms are supported in a balanced way and do not undergo abnormal pressures that could affect the bloodstream. The spring structure also improves the internal ventilation and creates an excellent thermal condition increasing the hygie-ne of the mattress. Depending on the type of mattress, three types of groups are used: 800 springs, 1600 springs, 3000 springs. Three types of structures are used which, combined with each other, express maximum comfort. The BOX SYSTEM is the stress-resistant perimetric support structure, designed to withstandthe frequent stress being put on the mattress at bedtime and awa-kening. The BOX SYSTEM improves the noiselessness of the mattress, it does not yield in any way and it supports the movement seals.

The entire production process is meticulously controlled to avoid imperfections and create precious and accurate finishes that tell the experience in Mecflex’s hands.

Our Products

Mecflex products are the result of the perfect balance between technological inno-vation, craftsmanship, industrial production and manual expertise.